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Transforming Communities through Arts and Culture

October 17, 2023

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Service-oriented Datuk Vaithilingam started off his career as a school teacher in Kuala Lumpur for 16 years and was later promoted as a senior education administrator with the Selangor State Education Department for another 20 years until his retirement from civil service in 1989.



She has made headlines as ‘Murid Bersuara Emas’ in a local magazine in the year 1983. Since her childhood, she has been an active student; participating in singing competitions, story telling competitions, school choirs, choral speaking and was also a school prefect throughout her secondary education.

She held many important posts in clubs and societies in her school such as Director of the Interact Club and represented her University in the choir team.


Sumitra holds a Bachelors of Engineering from the University of Malaya and is currently a Diplomatic Officer with the Government of Malaysia.  She sings regularly for Indian classical dance performances in the country.


She has also performed in the Stars of Diwali programme in NTV7 in the year 2005. She sings regularly for Indian classical dance performances in the country. Sumitra holds a Bachelors of Engineering from the University of Malaya and is currently a Diplomatic Officer with the Government of Malaysia.



She was awarded the coveted gold medal by Malaysia Hindu Sangam in the year 1995 for the National Thirumurai Singing Competition. She was handpicked by a panel of judges from thousands of applications as one of the participants for the Indian Music Training 2005 conducted by Mr. Bharadwaj, a renowned Music Director from India. 


She brings with her vast knowledge and working experience of 27 years in the Airline Industry. She has a genuine commitment to enhance the opportunities for youngsters to pursue Indian Art and Thus has volunteered her services to Sugam for the past 4 years as the executive secretary. 


Holds a degree in Computer Science from University of Malaya.  Worked as Software Engineer in a large telecommuncation company and brings work experience of  more than 20 years in the IT related field.  Came into connnection with Sugam through her  2 children. She loves social work and Sugam is the one platform that she choose to channel her work.


Graduated with a Bioinformatics degree from Management & Science University. She is currently working as a Device Testing Engineer in an MNC. Being a very active and responsible person, she has hold various position in her school days, such as prefect, President of Girl Guides Society and many more. Passionate about helping others and always keen in learning new skills just to improve herself. A tech savvy person and has high interest in writing. She is also a sports enthusiast, football is her most loved sport.


Currently doing his diploma in Electrical and Electronics engineering at Uniten. He did his internship in Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) as junior technician for 6 months. He is also learning Mridangam and Sanggetham at Sugam Karnatica also volunteer for Vedic Sunday School.


He brings his vast knowledge and working experience in IT and risk management of 25 years. He believes that contributing to back to the community has many positive outcomes especially involving young people in cultural and art scene.


A process and continuous improvement expert with over 17 years of experience in various industries including the Automotive, Manufacturing, Construction, Consulting and Energy industry. 
He is passionate about helping others and is an active trainer & facilitator, professionally and as a volunteer. 


An accomplished Administrative and Diplomatic Officer working with Government of Malaysia since 2005. He is a trained international trade negotiator representing Malaysia in various international trade negotiations. Holding a degree in Biohealth Science and Masters of Criminal Justice from University Malaya, he is currently pursuing his PhD in International Trade in University Malaya. His experiences gained from working in various ministries and Departments certainly helping him to contribute in the field of international trade, sectoral policy development as well as business coaching.
She is a caring mother, loving wife and a professional technical senior sales engineer with 8 years of specialisation in testing, product certification and international standards in a leading German Safety Certification Body. Her inclination towards art and culture inherited from her grandparents since young and thus she is passionate in delivering value to the next generation through art and culture. Great believer in these sayings “Give your hands to Serve and Hearts to Love; Inspire a Child and Inspire the World”.